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Answers to all your frequent questions

Well, we are a wedding photography and filming company - this is our so-called formal introduction. But let's end the formality here, ok? We are a bunch of photographers and filmers who are more than obsessed about capturing human emotions. Call us storytellers! You know what, nothing is more satisfactory to our eyes than watching the expressions of our clients when we finally deliver them our hard work - the most special moments from their most important days. In between conceptualising your shoot to finally delivering you the all the epic moments that you will cherish all your life, lies the soul of Epic Stories.
We believe wherever there is love, there is Epic stories. There are no hard and fast rules in our store about the kind of wedding that we have to shoot. Whether it's an intimate affair, or a grandeur wedding scheme of things or be it an elopement - we are there for you as long as you can tell the world that your story is special and a crazy one. And btw, we believe every story is a unique and an epic one if told in a right way. And for this job, we are here my friends.
Hmmmm....interesting one! So finally someone believes that they are unconventional, or at least their wedding is. We would soooo love to shoot your wedding, trust us! If you think you are getting married in very off beat style, we promise you to create something that you will cherish for the lifetime.
Storytelling is an art but we crafting a shoot according to your needs and beliefs is important too!  Every story is different so we sit with our client and discuss in-depth what they exactly want from their wedding. We are very attentive about the views of a couple and what are they looking for. Then we mutually decide how to go forward on the project. Chill, we are very flexible this way :)
Bombay or City of dreams as they all call it. And yes, of course, we travel across the world. Documenting love can take us to places you know! Just take care of travel and accommodation for our team and we are all yours for your blocked dates we promise you.
If every story is different why should the crew size be the same every time? We would first take into factor the guest counts, the size of a venue, number of functions (Indian Weddings can be complex with different events happening parallel and we should be ready beforehand for everything) and then accordingly decide the size of the team that will finally turn out to cover your dreamy wedding.
Every project of ours is close to our heart and we make sure that we produce a masterpiece for you that you all can cherish all your life. The final deliverables are handed over from somewhere between 150 to 180 working days.  However, in a matter of 10 to 15 days, we will provide you with a sneak peek of the event. We would provide almost all the images at the end except few burnout and test shots. Btw did we mention that we also provide same-day edit (5-10 min Video to be played at the end of the event ) if needed.
You can mostly leave this on us we would say as music is soul of the film, We go through all the footage at least twice before we finalize any music which can match the footage, this can be time taken sometime. We then accordingly choose songs for the wedding trailer and Instagram film. If you have a special request please mention it while we are discussing everything in-depth, we can then take things into consideration. However, song selection in the wedding film is a mutual decision by our editing team and client before we make the final move. 
We would have loved to meet you :( By meeting you in person we get a sense of your understanding, your chemistry, and your particular taste that eventually helps us a lot while we weave your wedding story. But since this is not happening we would want you guys to take out some time and write to us about yourself, your story, your wedding and everything that you can share with us. Leave the rest to us. We will coordinate with you over the phone and through e-mails.
Simple. Please write to us a confirmation mail after you have decided to go further with us. We charge 50% as a booking amount and yayy, we are booked for you! Remaining 50% will be due to the first day of the event. Money matters, can't help :D
Someone finally asked this to us, we are crying. Think about the moment minutes before the birth of your child, we want to be there. Think about you throwing away a surprise party for your elderly parents, we want to be there, be it a birth of baby or funeral of your close one, we believe emotions are everywhere and hence we want to be everywhere where we believe we can capture true human emotions and deliver an artistic work that you can cherish for a lifetime.  Let's discuss this in-depth!